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Valleys of fortresses and castles

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Once upon a time, they were known as the 3 sentinels of the Country of Namur. Today, they are romantic ruins straight out of the fabled Middle Ages. 

Walzin (the Lesse river)

These ancient silhouettes worn away by time have left us a legacy of fortified walls, ivy-grown towers, remains of wells and drawbridges, enduring details, weapons and fragments sometimes astonishingly well preserved.
All bear eloquent witness to the region's troubled past.

History lovers will certainly not be disappointed in the remains of the once-great fortresses of Montaigle, Poilvache and Crèvecoeur.
"Valleys of fortresses and châteaux" is an appropriate theme indeed for Dinant and the Upper Meuse Valley.
Many visitors are attracted to the region, summer and winter alike, drawn not just by Dinant itself, birthplace of Adolphe Sax, the jovial inventor of the saxophone, but also by a network of close on 2,000km of signposted trails, a great river, the Meuse, offering a wide range of activities, and a past full of historic incident. 

This heritage of the past includes more than just romantic ruins, however. The Château and Farm of Falaën and two other famous sites, Annevoie and Freÿr, have successfully generated their own value added and are now known primarily for their magnificent gardens.
An air of Versailles hovers over Freÿr, conjured up by the charming interior of this splendid Renaissance château and its superb 18th century gardens, in total harmony with the Meuse and the natural environment. 

Not just Dinant but also the communes of Anhée, Hastière, Onhaye and Yvoir fully deserve their description of "Valleys of fortresses and châteaux".


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